Mission, Vision and Values


HealthSpark Foundation identifies, selects and invests in programs and agencies that will improve the health, welfare and quality of life of the community.


  • Be a catalyst for change
  • Promote lasting value
  • Identify and advocate for vulnerable populations
  • Support innovative and collaborative approaches to solutions addressing unmet community needs 


  • Transparency in all decisions and actions
  • Ethical behavior to preserve public trust
  • Accountable actions
  • Compassion for the community, its people and the organizations providing solutions
  • Responsiveness and sensitivity to the community’s needs
  • Fair, respectful, honest and professional relationships with all who come in contact with the foundation
  • Passion in the pursuit of philanthropic excellence


  • A strong and contemporary understanding of Montgomery County and regional community needs and knowledge of health and human service providers that strive to address and resolve these needs
  • The application of business skills and acumen to its grantmaking and operational decisions
  • Collaborative relationships with other funders and among its grantees